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Tai Nguyen
Your Plano Chiropractor

I started seeing Dr. Nguyen in early January for chronic neck/shoulder stiffness with migraines and he has been such a blessing! In the past I've found some chiropractors too pushy or aggressive with their treatment plans, but Dr. Nguyen is very laid back, funny, and kind! He is a well-rounded practitioner who spends a lot of time with you at your appointments! He is especially good at deep tissue manipulation/release and has made a big difference in the way my back & neck feel!
 Thanks Dr. Nguyen!
 D. Gripp RN

James Han
I have been treated by Dr. Nguyen for 3 personal injuries.  He asks questions to understand my condition.  He takes his time to get me best possible results.  I like his adjustment techniques and soft tissue therapy.  I would  recommend anyone I know to Dr. Nguyen if they need chiropractic care.

Chloe -


My family and I have been coming to Dr.Nguyen on a weekly basis for over 5 years; he is a great chiropractor. Not only does he do his job well, but he also genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his patients. He goes out of his way to help, and I highly recommend him! 

Posted on 05/14/12

I first went to see Dr. Tai Nguyen when my daughter got hurt playing soccer at her high school. The school coaches and trainers were terrible. They were more concerned about records and treating her injury with stretching and ice. Very dissappointing.... She was in a lot of pain in the lower back and hip areas. After Dr. Nguyen met with my daughter and reviewed her x-rays, he was able to quickly determine what to do. And most importantly.... He explain what his plan was to get her better. In LESS than a month of teatment, my daughter is back ok the field playing. Awesome doctor... I would definitely recommend him for sports injuries.

Pittsburgh John

Posted on 5/14/2012

Dr. Nguyen's office setting is calm and his technique is gentle and effective.  I would recommend his care to anyone who is skeptical to chiropractic.  It gives me great relieve.  I have been getting care since I was 8 years old.  I'm 37 years old now, I have been seeing Dr. Nguyen for almost a year now and he will be my chiropractor for as long as I live in Texas. 

Hi Dr. Tai Nguyen,
Posted on 05/11/12
I want to thank you for the great service that I receive at your facility. I have been to different chiropractors nation wide for over 30 years. You are the first chiropractor that spends the time to adjust and treat every pain I have. I appreciate the fact that I get the multistem treatment with  heat or cold which helps me to relax. I also know that the body stretching that you give me prior to the adjustment is better for me than just the adjustment. Again I am glad that you adjust every pain or discomfort I have from my neck and back to my arms and legs and even my nose for sinus allergies. Therefore, when I leave your facility I feel that I gotten a full body adjustment.
Thank you again,

Carl L. in Plano

Posted on 04/11/12
I went to see Dr. Nguyen after having lower back pain for over 10 years. Under his care, I no longer wake up with discomfort and pain. I feel fantastic! Great customer service, personal attention, and effective chiropractic care. Look no further than Dr. Nguyen!

- Hari
Reviewed 3/30/2012  

Not only did I have no more pain after my adjustment, but I felt great afterward. I definitely saw a huge difference. They paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered. Their staff is very friendly and professional. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future.

Posted on 02/28/11

I first went to see Dr. Tai Nguyen when I was in a great deal of pain. My neck, left arm, and lower back was hurting from sports injuries. Dr. Nguyen spent a great deal of time with me. He used soft tissue and adhesion therapy on the areas that needed it the most. Dr. Nguyen's specific adjustments to restore function to my spine and nervous system helped the pain disappear. Also my exercise rehabilitation set up by Dr. Nguyen, are helping me maintain a better quality of life. I have been to other chiropractors in other states I have lived in, and I can tell you, Dr. Nguyen is the BEST chiropractor Plano has to offer. He is the BEST chiropractor I have ever used.
Posted on 11/08/10
Dr Nguyen treated me and my children after an auto accident. His multimodality techniques are unique and effective, providing quick relief. He employs muscle stimulation, heat, therapeutic stretching, and soft tissue work prior to making adjustments, which I think is easier on the body. He also utilizes a variety of adjustment techniques depending on patient preference. In addition, he is personable; always friendly, and patient with the children. We never have to wait; he is attentive to our family while being professional. His office is calm and peaceful and he handles appointments himself, so communication is easy. I highly recommend Dr Nguyen (Chirocare).
Posted on 02/01/08
Warm and friendly atmosphere!!! Very pleased with service, good soft tissue work, stretching and skillful techniques. Recommend anyone.

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